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Life is all about choices.  We make them all day long. think about it, from the second our feet touch the floor til the moment our head hits the pillow.  Our best choices are the ones that make life dynamic, fascinating, more simple.  This is what The B Complex is all about.  

Founded in 1997, bubba productions was a Television and film production company that had so much fire coming out of one part of the kitchen that a new division born. THE B COMPLEX is a brand, strategy and creative agency.

we listen, we CONTEMPLATE, we collaborate, we solve, we create, we deliver.

You came here for a reason.  There's an epic amount of projects that need to be sorted with zero room for error.   it's easy to creatE witty, off the wall, out of the box ideas with a bunch of ten cent words and mind blowing design.   but it's all meaningless unless we connect you to right people in the IDEAL way at the BEST time. This is what we do. THis is why we are so passionate about making your brand shine & grow your business to a whole new level. Where the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.

let's get to work!

Over the years, we've had the pleasure to work with:


9/11: Day of Service & Remembrance, ASUS, Bosch, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, COTY Prestige (Marc Jacobs Fragrances), CSG (Cannondale, GT, Mongoose, Schwinn & Sugoi), DC Shoes, Earth Hour (WWF), Franco BIcycles, Intel, Lexus, Manhattan Associates, Nike, Ogilvy Public Relations (San Francisco), One King's lane, Ritte Bicycles, Roxy, Toyota, Tyco, VENCLOSE & Waterford / Wedgwood / Royal Doulton.


ABC Family, AMC, Animal Planet, Cablevision, CBS, Comedy Central, Columbia Pictures, Court TV (tru TV), DIRECTV, Discovery, Discovery HD Theater, Disney Channel, ESPN Networks, FOX, FOX Sports, FX, Fujisankei Communications (Japan), IDT Entertainment, Island / Def Jam Records, Lifetime, MetroChannels, MGM, Mtv, Nickelodeon, Playhouse Disney, PBS, PBS Kids Sprout, Rainbow Media, sheTV (Japan), Sony Music, Sony Pictures Television, STARZ, STARZ Entertainment, TLC, TNT, TVG, VH1, Voom HD Satellite Service, & The WB.


Apcera, ASUS, Cherry, Cotap, Dynamic Signal, Eaze, Gainsight, Graphpad, Highfive, Intel, Kustomer, Lattice Engines, Liveramp, LYFT, Medium, Mojo Networks, MOM LIFE, MongoHQ, movable ink, PCH, Periscope Data, Pick, Scadattle, Sourcery, STRAVA, THE ATHLETIC, UBER, Unity, Yammer (Microsoft) & Zendesk.