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Brand & DESIGN


Employee Advocacy is one of the fastest growing platforms around.   The goal was to expose the leader in Employee Advocacy in a whole new light.  The brand refresh illuminates the Dynamic Signal and the power of their amazing platform.  In the end, we created a new voice, crafted new messaging, new strategy along with a new look (with design led by Sean Ashcraft of Evertype Brand / Design for all photography, imagery, UI, templates, e-books, powerpoints & email.


Kustomer:  The customer centric support platform

Branding is a funny thing.  There is no set process, timeline or path to help a company create an identity.  Some happen over months and some let's just say come together almost overnight.   wait, SO what is kustomer?  In short, It's the platform that allows businesses to find all relevant info in one place for the best and most efficient customer service.    In THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SOFTWARE SPACE, there's A LOT OF COMPETITION but it was time for a new player, a new trailblazer.

in the midst of a beta launch, Kustomer decided it was time to take a short cut on their journey for brand & Strategy.   we quickly set got to work and armed with the positioning, strategy along with the voice, The customer centric support platform was launched and has never looked back. 



Yammer was in the middle of a complete rebrand of the public site and this was the first element created in the re-design.  The goal was to establish a video and written case studies collection for the brand.   Design lead, Heather K. Phillips illustrates how our conversation & ideas are the genesis for the final product.



STRAVA always pushes themselves to be on the cutting edge.  It's easy to say, but incredibly hard to follow.  In early 2015, under the creative guidance of Ryan Noonan and the visual artists / photographic geniuses of Jered & Ashley Gruber, the goal was to capture the essence and the passion of STRAVA.  The final images are currently being using throughout the UI, design and presentational elements.


Mom Life.  Through Heaven & hello, together.  

Mom life is a free mobile app where modern moms connect, chat, support one another through the highs and the lows of motherhood.  This is a community where women share ideas, uplift each other's spirits and share ideas from those who have walked this path before.  

even though Mom life is has touched so many lives and is on a growth juggernaut, they still need creative strategy, design and tools during their journey from a start up to a household name.  we helped with everything from infographics, to powerpoint templates and even swag ideas.



This campaign came together within a week.  From the idea, the design and building of mascots, flyers, billboard, and street teams..while the video was shot and edited within 8 hours.  Crazy, but true.



Cotap is on the cutting edge of business communication, but it was time to refresh their look.  The goal was something to build something simple, clean and on brand.  Look, when any design team wants to build their vision, you're faced with the prospect of an original shoot or stock photography.  The Cotap design team was in this exact situation, they knew what they wanted and they knew it had to be original.  No stock library could fit the bill.  After a few days of shoots and various locations around San Francisco, here's the refreshed vision of Cotap.


YAMJAM '12  

This marked the first user conference for Yammer.  All touch points were produced during time as a creative lead within the Yammer in-house agency.  Time was tight, but the final work speaks for itself.