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The B Complex is nothing short of outstanding. I’ve worked with many creatives over the years, and none of them hold a candle to The B Complex. They are fantastic at creating engaging customer films that tell a compelling story.

Kevin was able to quickly understand our complicated technology (and not so easy to tell story!), help simplify it, and then guide our customers to talk about what Apcera has done for their companies, hitting all the key messages along the way. Importantly, the execution was first class, with a cinematographic style that looked far beyond what it cost.

I rarely “highly recommend” anyone, but I’d absolutely highly recommend The B Complex.
From my perspective, The B Complex have COMPLETELY exceeded our expectations. I definitely want to call out a few things I noticed from your work that I really appreciated:

Video quality - we show these to lots of LiveRampers and consistently get rave reviews. You’re making us look great!

Understanding our company and industry - you took the time to understand our position in the industry, our company, and high level product info; this definitely shows in the way you have selected soundbites from each interview and stitched together our final spots.

Good mix of flexibility + giving your direction - you were always willing to adjust based on our requests (whether it was having a back up video ready in advance when a client requested edits, swapping music, or reducing video length... The B Complex was always quick to help and interjected with expertise when needed. I think this combination your direction + our feedback is demonstrated by the quality of each final spot. Thank you!
— Ben Coffee_Head of Marketing Ops, LiveRamp